Sixth Form Open Evening

11 Oct 2019 | BY leekhigh

Sixth Form Open Evening was really well attended yesterday with over 120 students and parents filling the main hall. Half of Year 11 was represented along with students from Westwood and Endon. All the subject stalls around the main hall were busy throughout the night. The key messages of the evening presented by Mrs Ackerley were that our sixth form offers great subject choice alongside outstanding pastoral care and support. Mrs Ackerley shared this feedback from a former student:

“The teachers go above and beyond to support their students. Their door was always open if I needed help or just a cup of tea. There were numerous after school revision sessions to aid students. Leek High sixth form has been an amazing experience for me as I have always been encouraged to make the most of the opportunities presented to me, such as tutoring younger students, helping out with classes and voluntary work within the community. I was given all the support I needed, and more, to get where I wanted to be.”