120 Years of Leek High School

17 Jan 2020 | BY leekhigh

On the 24th July 1889 the Duchess of Sutherland laid the foundation stone of what is now Leek College. The carving on the foundation stone represented the young Hercules and the Bees. At the time the proposed building was scheduled for use as Leek High School which was the brainchild of Mr John Hall, Chairman of the Leek Technical Instruction Committee.

Much of the year that followed was spent establishing the constitution and regulations of the Leek Municipal High School for Boys and Girls. The aim of the school was to, “furnish a general liberal education for boys and girls, partly in mixed classes of boys and girls; and partly in separate classes. So far as practicable, languages, history, drill, gymnastics, practical science, and scripture will be taught in separate classes to all pupils over 12 years of age.”

Leek High School opened on Tuesday 18th September 1900.

In the years that followed Leek High School was funded mainly by three prominent Leek industrialists; Mr John Hall, Sir Arthur Nicholson and Mr Robert Milner. Students today still receive support from a charitable trust established by Mr. Milner.

Sunday September 18th 1960 marked the diamond jubilee of the school. This year, Friday 18th September 2020 will mark the double diamond jubilee. Over the coming months we will start planning our 120th anniversary celebrations.