Awarding of grades for Years 11 and 13

03 Apr 2020 | BY leekhigh

The government and the examinations regulator Ofqual have published detailed guidance today on the awarding of grades.

As expected, schools are being asked to submit estimated grades. Teachers will use a range of assessment evidence such as classwork, results in assignments and mock exams; and coursework to decide on the grades that students would have most likely received if teaching had continued and examinations had taken place.

Over the next few weeks we will complete the process of deciding our estimated grades for students before submitting them to the examination boards at the end of May. These grades will be confidential and cannot be shared with students before they are formally issued. We expect that students will receive their results some time around the end of July but certainly no later than the dates in August when they were scheduled to be issued.

A letter to students from Ofqual can be viewed by clicking here.